5 Ways to Hack Company Culture: Create an Environment Workers Don’t Want to Leave

Employees Matter As Much As Customers (Maybe More)

  • They see things you don’t.
  • Their network can bring in more customers.
  • They can streamline certain processes that are mundane for you.
  • Their experiences can solve certain problems faster.

Two people who collaborate well will be about three times as effective as each of them operating independently, because each will see what the other might miss — plus they can leverage each other’s strengths while holding each other accountable to higher standards.

Know Your Team

Listen Well & Communicate


Celebrate Together

  • Deeper connections
  • Resiliency through challenges
  • Creates trust
  • Establishes a sense of “family” among coworkers
  • Listen Well
  • Know Your Team
  • Be Accessible
  • Celebrate Together.



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Jacob Wachtel

Jacob Wachtel

Content | Developer | Freelancer — Fascinated by the power of stories and ideas | Aspiring log-cabin owner